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Hi there! I blog about Marvel stuff, mainly The Avengers and Loki. Sometimes Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, The Walking Dead, Cats and random stuff that I think it's funny.

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"he acts with his eyes"

#ok i agree a 100% with that #in all roles he’s played he does so much with expressions #especially his eyes #but in TWS he wore a mask for half the movie so he had to develop a whole new acting style #he had to use body language #and he did such a great job i’m so proud of him ok

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Chris Evans Alphabet → Adorable

au where their lives aren’t constantly plauged by pain and they’re free to be ridiculous young adults in love that stare at each other fondly.

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“You are my mission.”


“You are my mission.”


favorite movies: The Avengers (2012)

"They’ll come back."

Flawless Comics - Captain Marvel [1]

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12-13 picures of Sebastian Stan

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